Clarence Mauve (_clare_) wrote in ooc_purgatory,
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Stuff you should know!

The character creation guide, crash course in LJ role-play, and application have changed. No, the application hasn't REALLY been changed, there's just a slightly more in depth explanation on it that you might check out if your bored. Don't worry, I would never change it so that all of you guys had to redo your's. I'm not THAT cruel.

I think I might leave the San Francisco hot spots section alone, though upload it to the purgatory_mods LJ for easier access and editing purposes.

So much to toy and play around with. Oh. Be ready for an activity check within the next two weeks. Not on purgatory_rpg but here. It'll probably be a post saying "blah blah, post here if you're still around, you have a week and a half, blah blah".

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