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New Stuff

All right. As some of you may have noticed, there is now a new journal me and Rem are using for some of the more permanent Purgatory things. This journal is purgatory_mods.

CT, aka me, is now revamping almost every section of information for the rp. These changes, while not too big, are not, I repeat NOT, to change the feeling of Purgatory. This is to give Rem and I, as the new mods, a better feel for what we're doing. A more personal touch on the mod-ship. Rem has already done a new layout, and possibly will be working on the webpage. Again, none of this is to really change Purgatory, as is obvious by the facts the rules are just what I feel are more clarified version of the original ones. Everything I am switching and posting is approved by both Rem and DC before it comes to you, so there is absolutely nothing to be worried about.

So far we do have a new version of the rules. I suggest you all check that out. Nothing should be terribly different, other than the requirements about how often you post. Which is slightly different from before, but shouldn't really be so.

Another thing. I personally, would like to make a list of everyone's contact information and post it on the site. It would be a great big help if everyone could post all their emails and messenger information in comments to this post.

If there is anything, such as your character being vital to the club or rp that I or Rem should know... please also bring that up. As you know, I personally haven't taken too much of a part in the role-play before this time. I do not really know who deals with the club, or who exactly is in the club band. Telling me this information, as I want to post it and keep things regularly updated... would be pretty sweet, altogether.

Not much else to say.

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