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Well, hello again. Yes, I think Purgatory has officially gone by the wayside, died. *sighs*

I hate to see this roleplay flicker away into the darkness. A lot of great stories, roleplays, and characters have been born here. Things happen though. We have a few options here, for those of you still around and alive.

Option 1: The roleplay is closed and but the community is not deleted. It just goes by the wayside and is here as an archive, memory book of sorts. We wave, kiss, molest, and say bye.

Option 2: Restart this. Revamp it. Try a different approach, different characters, and even a different setting. Not my first choice but we could do it.

Option 3: Continue the roleplay from the point it is at.

Well. There's always a combinaiton of two and three. Anyway, I'm open to suggestions.

The first order of business is I'm looking for either a mod or two or three or however many to take my place or a co-mod or two or three...etc. I'm not running this by myself and frankly I'd be insane to try at this point. *winks* I know of one person who's volunteered to help me out. Fraknly, I want to know if anyone is still interested in the community and keeping it going.

If not, it's gone.

Much love to all. My contact info is easily found. IM or e-mail me. Drop a comment.

I'm giving this one week to be decided, suggested, responded to. If not, well, Purgatory's closed. Sorry, but just yeah.

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